Lava Rock Return

Just in case.. return your lava rocks to hawaii...

It is an old legend that taking lava rocks from Hawaii results in being followed by bad luck.  You may believe this , or you may not, there is no scientific proof, but many people believe that lava rocks that have wrongfully been taken from Hawaii should be returned by the person who took them.  If you can't bring them back in person and you would like to mail lava rock back to Hawaii you can mail them to us.  We gladly help.    

Once we receive the returned lava rocks we will carefully wrap them in a leaf of the "Ti-Plant" which is commonly associated with "Good Luck".  Your lava rock(s) will be returned at a special location in Volcano close to the home of Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess and Creator of Lava.  The  lava rocks will be returned along with an offering of orchids to ask for her forgiveness.  

 This is a free, donation based service to anyone who would like to send back the lava rocks they have taken.   We choose to offer you  this service for FREE via a group of volunteers.   If you wish  to make a small donations for the efforts being done on your behalf, a voluntary donation of $15.00 (or whatever you can afford, no matter how small) would always be appreciated, but is not required.  Any donation will assist us to cover our volunteers' cost for transportation, gas, ti leaf, and orchid, to return your lava rocks.  If you can't afford to make a donation, don't worry about may still send us your lava rocks.  We will still be happy to  take care of returning them for you! 

Of course, you could just send the lava rocks back to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park direct, however,  many people like being able to give the return of the rocks a little extra attention, and to do so you can send them to us right here in Volcano.   Your lava rocks will then be given to the volunteers that will take care of the return for you.

Mail your lava rocks to:
Volcano Lava Rock Return
Attn.: Rainbow Moon
P.O. Box 699, Volcano, HI 96785

Mail via USPS Priority Mail
If you would like to know when your lava rock has been received back to Hawaii we recommend that you send your lava rock with United States Postal Service Priority Mail.    This way you can check on-line with the Postal Service and know exactly when your lava rock has reached home.  Please note that we can not return phone calls for inquiries, as we do not have the time to log every package we receive and keep a list of names and addresses, so sending it with the delivery confirmation is the best thing to do if you want confirmation that the rocks where received back in Hawaii.

Send us your story if you like...
We will frequently post new lava rock stories sent to us on this website.   If you like you can send your story via email to us, so posting it will make it much easier for our volunteers and we don't have to type it from a handwritten letter.  We welcome any stories that you would like to share in regards to the impact of lava rock taken or returned to the islands.   Your personal information will always stay confidential and we do not release any identifying information to any third party.

Email Inquiries
As this is a service based on available volunteers we may not have always time to respond to all emails we receive or post the stories right away. So again, send your lava rock with Postal Service tracking, and that way you know when it has been received back.


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Volcano Lava Rock Return
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This is a private confidential service handled by volunteers.  Our regular gallery staff is instructed to not discuss any information with any media, no exception. So please don't' call and try to be persistent, they do not answer questions.


To TV Production Companies, Newspaper Reporters, Magazine Editors, etc.:

We appreciate anyone's interest regarding this matter, however, it is our policy to "NOT" participate in any commercial TV production projects and /or magazine or newspaper articles about Lava Rock Return and the commercialization of such, no exception. 

The return of the lava rocks is a confidential personal service handled by volunteers to give people that can not return the lava rocks in person to Hawaii an option that they feel comfortable with,  and to give them the peace of mind of haven taken care of this, in an attempt to reverse the believed negative impact of having taken rocks from Hawaii from their mind.  

Additionally, we keep all contact information regarding people that returned lava rocks and their identity confidential, and any stories sent to us and posted on without identifying information,  are copyrighted.  We do not give permission for reprints in whole or part for commercial or any other purpose.

Volcano  Lava Rock Return