Volcano Village Hawaii

Experience the Magic of Volcano!
A unique place nestled in a tropical rainforest

Volcano is located at an elevation of about 3800 feet, so don't expect sand and coconut trees.  This majestic area features a tropical forest filled with lush foliage including such unique plants as Ohia trees with bright red Lehua Blossoms, and Hapu'u tree ferns.  The weather can change quickly so always bring a sweater and a rain jacket.  But if you happen to be in Volcano on one of those frequent beautiful bright and sunny days... you can't beat it... it's paradise... just remember... without rain there wouldn't be a rainforest.  So if it rains a little... still have a good time.  We just call it "liquid sunshine".

Some guidebooks refer to Volcano Village as the most picturesque place in all of the United States, and from our point of view.. it definately is!   

Where is Volcano Village ? 

Volcano Village is located RIGHT NEXT to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, on the South East part of the Big Island of Hawaii, about 97 miles from Kona  and 28 miles from Hilo. (The "Big Island" is the most southern island in the State of Hawaii).   

On the map the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is marked in green.  If you enjoy hiking, there are miles and miles of trails.  

Volcano Village is located within 1 mile from the entrance of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park ( directly adjacent to the Park Boundary), and is nestled in a tropical Ohia and Hapu'u fern forest and is famous for its incredible beauty and tranquility.  

In the Volcano area you will find a variety of accommodations to fit any budget.  Friendly family operated Bed and Breakfast places, charming vacation houses, and even a hotel with a full restaurant.

Please drive slow in Volcano Village!

In Memory of "Einstein"  - 3/30/2001 - We Still Miss You!!

PLEASE!! The speed limit in Volcano Village is 25 MPH.  We are a rural area, so we do have chickens, ducks, cats "and" children playing along the road!  

This is a picture of our favorite duck "Einstein"..  a great friend and companion... 

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