Volcano Club 5.3

Volcano Rocks !! 

Volcano 5.3 Plaque

Volcano Rocks!! 

Since the recent Lava eruptions started in May 2018, 500-700 “earthquake like” explosions have rattled our neighborhood on a daily basis for 3 months. 

The term “5.3” represents that time of our life where we experienced this stressful situation, worried a lot, and got not enough sleep. 

The strength of the earthquakes started out low, gradually increasing, and eventually within a 24-30 hour period resulting usually in one final “large one” (often a 5.3), followed by a few hours of calm, ….and then it all starts again. 

“Anytime Now”, and “Was that it?”..and “Not Yet” .. were common phrases used in Volcano every day. Sometimes we even joked about it and bet on when the next big one will be, just to keep things on the lighter side during those stressful times. 

The last earthquake like explosion was a 5.3 on 8/2/2018. It is yet to be seen if the eruption is done, or this is just a temporary lull. (We certainly pray for it being done). 

Being a Volcano Club 5.3 member says that even with this adversity, you have not lost your LOVE for VOLCANO and HAWAII. It says you are not giving up on this place and you Love this Community. It says you will try to spread the word about Volcano, so visitors so badly needed for our area to recover from this event will return. 

Volcano is magical, a Community of amazing people, and by sharing with others what Volcano was, is, and will be, maybe one day that person will visit to our area and get the chance to experience the magic of Volcano, too.. 

It is such a privilege to be able to share ALOHA with the rest of the world .

We are #VolcanoStrong !

We created the Club 5.3 Logo as a symbol that can be displayed in your home and office that shows your support for Volcano. It says you were part of this historical 3 month event in some way. Maybe you live here, maybe you just followed it on Facebook or TV, maybe you have friends in the area, or maybe you are one of the many emergency and volunteer workers that helped out along the way. If you know what 5.3 stands for, you are automatically an honorary 5.3 member. ( And if you didn’t know before reading this, now you know. :-) ..) 

The 5.3 Logo is also a symbol for sharing that we are all in the same boat when it comes to our worries and concerns regarding what the future will bring for the place we call “home”. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Yesterday is done, and we have to live for today. Nobody knows or can predict what tomorrow brings, regardless where you live in the world.

There is no "physical" club or membership fee or application...... anyone knowing the term 5.3 that loves Volcano ( living here or just visiting ) is an honorary member and we would be so happy if you LIKE or FOLLOW our Page so we know you , too, Love Volcano! 


Volcano Club 5.3 Logo Items 
Show your Volcano Support!!

Our 5x7 framable Logo Plaque and Bumbper Sticker are available for purchase from the Volcano Visitor Center online gift shop.


Show your support for Volcano !

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Our Club 5.3 Logo was designed with the idea to represent the new lifestyle in Volcano and for all the people that LOVE VOLCANO, and the hopes and dreams we have for this most unique place we call "home". 

By displaying the logo in your home or office ( and yes we already had a request for a Bumper Sticker!) ..  you show your support to all Volcano is, stands for, and will be in the future.

Stay safe! Stay Happy!
Stay #VolcanoStrong